Hit men are people too. That's the concept behind Damian Marley's song and video 'Is It Worth It? (Gun Man World).' The clip stars actor Saai Taghmaoui ('American Hustle') plays a contract killer who tries to balance his violent lifestyle with being a family man.

The clip, directed by Nabil Elderkin and Francesco Carrozzini, uses eye-catching colors to make you feel like you're right in the middle of the drama. Meanwhile, Taghmaoui does a stellar job of playing a cold-blooded killer who also has a tender side, which is evident in the family scenes.

As far as the actual song, Bob Marley's youngest son pens incredible lyrics, and delves into subject matter while asking the question: What goes on in the daily life of a gunman besides shooting and killing people?

Damien Marley's 'Is It Worth It? (Gun Man World)' will appear on the album 'Ghetto Youths International Presents: Set Up Shop, Vol. 2,' which you can pre-order on iTunes now before it drops on Dec. 23.

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