I was recently announced that Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were a happily engaged couple and Gabby even released video footage of their first family Christmas photoshoot. The shoot included Dwyane's two sons from a previous marriage and his nephew who he takes care of. One baby was missing, the infant son that he just had with another woman, not with Gabrielle.

If you know anything about Dwyane Wade, it is that he is big on being a present father in his children's lives. The new addition to the family will not cause a breakup between the happy couple. Gabrielle actually knew about the newest member of the Wade clan. There was a period when Gabby and D-Wade split and he had one of those moments with a long time friend.

Hey, it happens, don't judge!

Gabrielle and Dwayne opted to handle to issue privately and look at them now. This was always one of my top couples, but now they are my favorite couple. I wish them the best and hope they have a long and happy marriage. Who knows, maybe Gabby will have a girl to add to the clan.