Your customer service skills suck! - OK, you could be nice and tell them they need to work on their people skills.  Really? How many times have you wanted to say that to a clerk or someone rendering horrible "customer service"?

Some of these folks act like YOU owe them something, and they act is if they care less whether or not you exist or not.  NEWS FLASH!  Truth is, without the people you service, you would be out of a job!   I would be willing to bet that when they were "begging" that employer for a job, they didn"t show them attitude or act shiftless.  It's only after they feel secure in their position that they become arrogant and unrespinsive to the customer's needs.

Granted, people in customer service related jobs are all entitled to a bad day; we all are, but that bad day should not impact customer service.  With the number of people looking for work, I say employers should fire those bad apples, and hire folks who are willing and eager to work!  And as consumers, we should not tolerate bad customer service!  IJS