Did you notice how quick Congress decided to act on legislation to end the furloughs of air traffic controllers?. Is is possible they decided to act so quickly because  so many members of the Senate and the House like to get out of Washington and return home for the weekends and they didn,t want to deal with long lines and delays at airports all across the nation.That seems to be the case,as  less then a week into the nightmare in the skies,they come up with a bill that passes with no problems, yet they can't seem to agree on anything else, gun legislation,imagination, or the budget,awwww but when it affects them directly let's hurry and get a bill passed.The bill  passed late Thursday night without even a roll call vote, that's unheard of with this group in D.C., under the  legislation,the Federal Aviation Administration would gain authority to transfer up to $ 253 million from accounts that are flush into other programs, to prevent reduced operations and staffing through  Sept. 30 the end of the fiscal year. While i am happy about the air  traffic controllers getting back to work,what about the hundreds of thousands of Goverment workers who still have to lose money from their paychecks and take forced furloughs, what about them  Congress? oh it doesn't really effect you right?