Columbus Short is a great actor and in many respects a very intelligent man.  Best known for his work on the Kerry Washington Series, "Scandal."  An accomplished and very respected actor for sure.  He recently was involved in a domestic dispute where his wife and she claims he threatened and tried to kill her. After the police report was filed, the ink was still wet when the Scandal Directors fired him from the show.

It would be a sad and familiar tale of an actor having it all and then losing it all.  However, this rags to riches and back to rags story has a twist. Hollywood directors love his work so  much they just gave him his own show.  He just got picked up to star in his own of all things, "Romantic Comedy,"  I am sure his wife thinks that's funny.  What is really going to make her fall out laughing is the show is called, "Mr. Right.'  All I can say is, That's Hollywood!"