Columbus Short has always been an actor on the most watched list.  The one-time Scandal Star was once considered a fantasy man for adoring female fans of the show.  Ah but what a difference a knife makes.  Since being let go from the show for criminal threats against his wife things just got a whole lot worse for Mr. Short.  His wife Tanee Short filed for divorce and is seeking spousal support.  This wouldn't be a big deal, but Columbus was a no show at the court hearing and a no show means you pay and pay big.

The court has ordered Columbus Short to pay his wife $17,000 a month for living expenses.  What is even worse is the fact that the $17,000 doesn't even cover the child support for their two year old daughter.  A nightmare for Columbus to be sure, but I'm sorry to say it gets worse.  His failure to show up  at the hearing means he pays all court costs including his wife's $25,000 legal fees.  More money....more problems.