the time has come for NFL  commissioner roger goodell to step up and end this farce called replacement referees, after three weeks finally  the national outcry has become so loud the commish has to do something. anyone who saw the end of last night's game in Seattle between the seahawks and the packers  now knows these guys are not capable of handling  the job of being an NFL official,  and now that it has cost a team a win(green bay) it's time to get the real officials back on the field before the game we all love and love to watch becomes a laughingstock.Monday night  on an end of the game hail mary pass two replacement refs made two different calls, one said it was an interception  (which it was) and another overruled him and said it was a touchdown(it was not) everyone  knows the call was bay head coach Mike McCarthy said"it was very unusual the most unusual game i've been a part of " in financial terms the NFL and the locked out officials union are battling over about $3 million annually in pension benefits, a drop in the bucket for a league that pulls in $ 9 billion every year. the league office continues to take the stand the replacement refs are doing their best and getting better each week, yet the problems continue, Sunday night new England head coach bill belechick was caught on  film grabbing a ref following a game ending disputed field goal, already Denver head coach john fox and his  defensive coordinator jack del rio have been fined  for complaining about the replacement refs, after every game and during most every game players are saying these guys are not capable of keeping up with the speed of the game and the average time of a game has gone from three hours to nearly four hours or more. the beauty of the game is not even being discussed any more, it's just  become a sideshow . the games have no flow, with a parade of  flags, confused calls and flawed replay-booth calls, now keep in mind these guys are doing the best they can however most in fact all just don't have what it takes to officiate an NFL  game having come from division three ranks  as well as high school, so it"s  time to end this for the betterment  of the game, the  fans and  the players before someone gets hurt on and off the field !