This is without a doubt the greatest collection of musicians, writers and singers ever assembled.  Earth Wind and Fire was pivotal to the expansion of Soul Music.  They created a brand of Soul Music that had never existed before them.  While other artists were capturing the essence of the Soul and the pain and longing of the soul, Earth Wind and Fire was doing something very different......they were defining it.  In the earliest days of Soul Music the object of the craft was to allow the singer to sing a song and then to dig way down deep into his inner soul and bring that pain to the microphone.  The shouting and groaning and the pain of the loss of love, or the loss of life brought from deep within and recorded on wax.  The African American through their pain and suffering inadvertently created  the ultimate form of musical and vocal expression.

This new form of music was called, "Soul Music," because just listening to it was soul stirring.  This form of this music became so popular that soon every popular artist in the world whether white or black was trying to recreate it, and thus Soul Music became, "Rock And Roll."  However, Earth Wind and Fire did something even more powerful than that of the soul.  Earth Wind And Fire created, heavenly soul, and Holy Harmonics.  They merged the sound of soul with the harmonics of angels to create the greatest and most powerful form of music ever made.Their work became so popular across world that they changed music completely.  In the 1970's the United States gave more than eighty countries peace gifts and offerings from the United States  as a symbol of our country.  A gift unlike any that has ever been given before, and what they gave were, "Earth Wind and Fire Albums.  A salute to the greatest collection of musicians and writers ever assembled.......Earth Wind and Fire.