Cissy Houston, like any mother who loses a child, is more than devastated about the loss of her daughter, but she blames Whitney and no one else. In a recent intereview on the Today Show, Cissy said she doesn't blame Whitney's ex-husband Bobby and that she knows he didn't help her.   In the interview, she goes on to say, "I think [Whitney] was raised—she knew better," she said. "And whatever took her to that position, I really don't know."  Cissy has written a book, Remember Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss and the Night the Music Stopped.  She wanted to let the world know that she and her daughter had a "great relationship" and that the media was wrong in reporting otherwise.  She goes on to say in the interview that, "I think that good mothers, good fathers, good families don't always have great children," Cissy added. "Bad people have good children—but it's their responsibility when they get to a certain age to choose their way. She was taught. She knew the way." "I did think she was doing better [before her death]," she lamented. But despite Whitney's passing at age 48, Cissy doesn't necessarily believe her daughter died before her time. "I trust in God," Cissy said. "His ways are not our ways, so we have to go with that and there's nothing I can do about it."