On the final night of the blind auditions, Blake, Christina, and Adam have already added to their teams, and poor little Cee Lo has yet to find one on 'The Voice.'

Maybe Chevonne can change all that. The girl from New Jersey already ahs some experience in the field. She's done on two pop tours, her most recent job was as a background singer for Lady Gaga, which is pretty admirable considering touring with Gaga must be one of the most grueling and exhausting experiences ever, so at least we know she has the chops to pull it off.

She must've been heavily influenced by the Mother Monster herself, because she wore quite the Gaga-inspired outfit during her audition of 'Brass in Pocket' by the Pretenders. A mismatched scarf, jean vest, and shoes that could've come from Gaga's closet herself, Chevonne hit the notes just fine, but didn't offer anything exhilarating during her performance; it wasn't a big surprise that the coaches didn't turn around as quickly as would be expected, especially given her "background" story.

But at the last minute, Cee Lo and Blake turned their chairs around, and in a surprising turn, neither really fought over Chevonne, just more or less explained why they wanted her on their teams. Predictably so, she choose Cee Lo as her coach, because, well, birds of a feather ...