It was just a matter of time... Antoine, Sweet Brown, now, the latest viral superstar...Charles Ramsey.
The Cleveland man who helped rescue three local women is being mocked and broadcast in social media for his bafoonery in the delivery of his accounts of the story.  Some find it humorous, comedians are having a field day, and people have already put together some remixes on You Tube!  However, there are a number of folks who have spoken out, particularly on Twitter, of how disrespectful people have been, and they do not find it amusing at all. Is it the media's fault?  Do they purposely seek these folks out to add sensationalism to their stories? (Let's keep it real. You know the questions have come up as to where do they find these people to interview as witnesses).  IJS

"Viral sensations" of late, have been mocked and memed for doing a "good deed."  Men and women giving "colorful" accounts of serious events that they witnessed, or, in Charles Ramsey's case, helped to solve a serious crime, are being slammed in regular and social media.  Ironically, some of these viral sensations have reached a level of stardom that most veteran actors/actresses/artists long for.   For example, Sweet Brown recently sued i-tunes and others for  for $15 mil for making money off of her remixed story.

I have to admit that I am one who finds some of the interviews amusing and sad at the same time.  They really are natural comedians, and I don't think you could pay an actor enough money to do what they did the way they did it.  However, it's sad because their heroic acts will forever be overshadowed by their "colorful delivery" of the accounts of their stories.

Slick advertising uses "memorable moments/events" to help us remember their products; but in contrast, the serious stories of these folks will be forgotten because of the manner in which they delivered them, and that's unfortunate.  Click the following link to watch the video, and share YOUR thoughts.