The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded on Howard University and began as a sorority exclusively for women of color.  However, since its creation until now they have changed a great deal, and their influence is now felt throughout the nation.  They are sponsors of many self-help and community drives in nearly every inner city in the United States.  When I was in college we called them, "The Pretty Girls With 20 Pearls."  They received this moniker because of the number of pearls found in their coat of arms.  Then again they were always known as the beautiful womens sorority.

There are AKA's in every part of our workforce but did you know many of our top celebrities are AKA's.  One being, Vannessa Bell Calloway, Star Jones, Loretta Devine and Phylicia Rashad, among many more.  The AKA's represented a great leap forward for young woman while still in college and today they are still leaping even after college.