Despite my thoughts on "The Voice" being a much better show  with new judges Usher and Shakira,it appears Cee Lo Green will be back for season five along with Christina 

who announced earlier she is coming back for season five. Cee Lo is in advanced  negotiations to return after taking a year off to pursue personal matters. Ever wonder why these singers fight so hard to stay on these shows, it's  the money. Christina will make $12.5 million for season five,which is  actually a pay cut considing in season 3 her last on the show she made  $ 17 million,by comparison Mariah Carey currently makes  $ 18 million as a judge on "American Idol" and Britney  Spears pulls in a reported $ 15 million on the "X Factor". Cee Lo for whatever reason is not expected to earn anything near Christina's  salary.