Boot camp has begun over on 'X Factor,' and because of the presidential debate, the typical two-hour Wednesday installment was crunched down to a simple hour, but at least they were able to bring some drama!

Part One of boot camp required each of the contestants who managed to get three or more yesses to sing in front of each other, as well as the four judges, but nobody, and we mean nobody, expected two female singers: Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey (her audition episode's token mean girl) to have a sing-off to Whitney Houston's impossibly difficult song 'I Will Always Love You.'

A hard song for us mere mortals, sure, but for Thomas and Frey, it was a walk in the park. Thomas sang the song with soul, and we were thoroughly impressed by her crazy good vocal abilities, but it was her sweet demeanor and genuinely natural stage presence that made us love her audition even more. But then came resident mean girl Frey to shake it up.

Still rockin' those absurd leopard print faux tattoo across the left side of her head, Frey was still holding on to the nasty attitude that she's probably going to be forever remembered for. And while it pains us to say that Frey sang Houston's song better, we have to swallow our pride and admit that she nailed every single note. It's a feat that's hard to accomplish on any Houston song, let alone her most famous ballad, but the girl sounded like Whitney herself and we were impressed.

Frey may have won the battle of the voices, but if she keeps it up with her attitude, she's only solidifying the fact that the world will remember her for being a b----, and not for her voice. That would be a real shame.