Give me a Ding Dong, and I'm one happy camper!Hostess announced that they are bringing back some of my favorite childhood snacks.  Everybody is raving about the Twinkie, but my favorite was Ding Dongs.  Add a glass of cold chocolate Nestle's Quik, and it was a wrap.  The Twinkie would have been next, followed by Suzie Q.  The biggest treat for me was opening up my lunch box and finding my Ding Dong tucked neatly next to my bologna and cheese sandwich!

As I moved into young adulthood and was forced to put away my favorite metal lunch box, I began to feel differently about Ding Dongs and many of my other favorite Hostess snacks.   They began to taste different; the filling was more of a "waxy" texture as opposed to the creamy filling that kept me craving my favorite snack cakes.  They just didn't taste like they used to "back in the day."

I had some time on my hands, so I wrote a little romantic story about some of my favorite Hostess treats, and it goes like this...

When Twinkie's friend Suzie Q, the Ho Ho, got all Cup Caked up with a few Ding Dongs, they went out for Fruit Pies.  Things got a little Zingers, and they ended up with some little  Donettes.

Anyyyywayyyyyy... Your favorite Hostess snacks will return to stores on July 15th.  What is your favorite Hostess snack, and what childhood memories do they bring back for you?