I got a chance to see the new movie, "Divergent," this weekend, and it was hard to get into.  Nearly every showing was packed, so I ended up at the 10pm showing.  But before going into the movies with my popcorn and drinks I usually wash my hands before eating.  So I got my ticket and I walked into the Mens Room to wash my hands and there was no one in there so I began washing up.  But while I was in there I kept hearing funny sounds like a crumpling bag and the sounds of a wood chipper.  I didn't know where it was coming from and as soon as I gave up on trying to figure it out, a man emerged from one of the toilet stalls carrying a bag of popcorn.  I mean he walks out of the stall while the toilet is still flushing, and he is still just munching away.  He skipped the hand washing and just walked right out and into the theater.  Now I know people get their food to go nowadays, but this is a whole new level.  Is it me or is this kinda weird, and do you or have you ever had a snack while in the bathroom?