Regardless of what kind of movie you like you have to agree on one thing...the movie.  If you love scary movies then you must admit that you have seen several scary movies that weren't scary at all.

  If you love comedies and a good laugh then you have to admit that you have sat through some comedies that had not one funny joke or scene in it.  Who doesn't love a good drama, and even better who doesn't love to hate a drama that has no drama in it.  The stories of bad genre movies can go on and on and without end.

However, you can't say that about an action film.  With action films they always deliver, and whether big budget or small there will be some action.  This summer is no different because this summer is unleashing the big daddy of them all...."Transformers 4."  It is the greatest action and visual spectacle in films. Best special effects, best action sequences and killer endings.  The question on everyone's mind is can Mark Whalberg keep the magic going and will he top the others.