Boots has been one of the songwriting and production masterminds behind Beyonce's latest self-titled album. Now the producer has just released his own song, 'Dreams,' and, of course, got Bey to add her voice to the track.

Like the song's title, the mid-tempo effort has a dream-like feel. Boots, who co-wrote many of Bey's well-known tracks including 'Drunk in Love,' 'Partition' and 'Haunted,' tells the eye of his affection not to worry and that he'll be there for her. Meanwhile, Beyonce joins in mid-way through the song and fluidly expresses her acceptance of his love and how they can take over the world.

"'Cause baby we've got a lot of life to live / You're the only one that I could stand by / And baby we've got a lot of love to give / And baby we could put the whole world on standby," she sings.

There's clearly love all over this track, and Boots wanted to make sure to spread that feeling as far as he can by donating the proceeds from the song to Day One, a New York City-based non-profit that focuses on ending dating violence.

"I feel that protecting women from these horrible and unthinkable acts should take precedence in our society," he wrote on Facebook. "I feel passionate about this because if more women knew that safe places existed from the turmoil they experience, it could possibly prevent these situations from occurring or reoccurring. Every cent made from this song will go directly to"

"It's hard to put into words how thankful I am for everything and everyone who helped get this together," he continued. "I've experienced a lot in my life. Good and bad. But through it all, I'm certain every one of those things had to happen to get me right where I am today. I feel very fortunate for that. Thanks for all of your love and support."

'Dreams' is a track off Boots' upcoming mixtape, 'WinterSpringSummerFall,' which is set to release later this fall.

Listen to Boots' 'Dream' Feat. Beyonce