There are 32 teams in the National Football League  and for the past several years they have all turned  a profit, that is until last year. While you are thinking of  which team of the 32 failed to turn a profit, owning an NFL franchise is also like  printing money,The Dallas Cowboys  are worth $2.3 billion and made slightly over $ 250 million in 2012 according to Forbes magazine making them number one in the league followed by New England, Washington,The New York Giants and Houston, the Texans had a profit of $64 million last year.The Detroit Lions in 2012 were the only team in the red, losing $3.5 million,some of the reasons given for the Lions not turning a profit is their payroll the highest in the NFL  and  they are still paying some construction costs of their stadium Ford Field which is some $ 350 million.Still the Lions are are worth $900 million placing them 28th among the 32 teams with Oakland being last on the list worth $ 825 million and if you are wondering the Raiders turned a profit of 19 million despite being one of he league's  worst teams,