Beyonce and husband Jay-Z  took a trip to Cuba  last week to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, but not everyone is happy with the  destination the power couple chose. Two Republican members of Congress have asked the U.S. Treasury  Department  to conduct an investigation into whether the couple had the required permission to travel to the  communist country. U.S. Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen  and  Mario Diaz-Balart who represent districts in South Florida where there is a high  Cuban-American population drafted a letter to  the Office of Foreign Assets Control director Adam Szubin for information about the license the couple received, the purpose of their travel and who approved the trip. "Despite the clear prohibition against tourism in Cuba,numerous reports described the couple's trip as tourism and the Castro regime touted it as such in it's propaganda." the letter stated.The couple also faces inquiries from congress into their trip,penalties for the ban can include fines up to $250,000 and prison time