Bow Down Beaches!  

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Ok, so I slightly changed the wording, but you know what I mean.

There is a huge controversy about Beyonce's new video of the same title.  People have made such an issue over it, that it was picked up on talk shows, and it's all over the Internet.

Is Bey really dissing women?  This is SO NOT her music!! I don't know about you, but I am very offended when ANYBODY refers to a woman or girl as a "Beach".  As for Beyonce and this new song, in my opinion, it is degrading and sends a very negative message to the fans that have embraced her for being a positive role model.  Would she want her little daughter to be referred to as such?  For me, the controversy goes beyond the surface of this song.  Some of our youth may think it's OK to be called out of their name, and that's a real problem, because if we allow it, it will continue.  As adults, we need to take a stand, and teach our daughters that it's NOT OK to be called a "B" or any other degrading name as a form of slang or lingo.  It's bad enough that male rappers have done it, and now one of the leading role models of our youth has done it.  Where is it gonna end?  When will enough be enough!

Have a listen to the song via YouTube and post YOUR comments...