Vin Diesel is now being cast as a new super hero in upcoming Marvel Films.  He has always played the tough gritty and strong action hero.  Riddick, the Trilogy, and the Fast and The Furious are his most notable strong man roles.  However, if you ever see him dance he is a little light in the loafers........not that kind of way.  What I mean is he is known to be a great dancer.  Believe it or not he got his start in front of the camera as a dancer.  That's right a dancer.

He is best known for his breakdancing and pop-locking moves.  He was much slimmer then and had a lot more hair.  This is truly a story of American Ambition, from street dancer earning quarters for a dance to being a multimillionaire and world wide movie star.  Vin Diesel is the Fast and Furious Pop Locker!!!  Coming soon...........I don't think so.