It's almost time for your son or daughter to go to college and while this decsion has already been made, maybe just maybe you are facing the challenge of helping your kids select a school for next year.The Princeton Review has once again named the top five best party schools in the USA . The University of Iowa came in number one this year, followed by The University of California ,Santa Barbara,The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, West Virginia University and Syracuse University. The organization also released it's "stone -cold sober school" list as well, a list parents might want to take a good look at it . Brigham Young University in Provo Utah, heads the list followed by Wheaton College in Wheaton Illinois. As you might guess any school named on the best party school list is not something they would be proud of,as many party schools in the past have had a problem with binge drinking on their campus.So for any parent who is shelling out thousands of dollars to send their kids to school, its just make sense you would like to steer them away from a school with  a rep of being a party school, unless it's your alma mater. So parents if it's not to late maybe you might want to grab a copy of the Princeton Review, but keep in mind for the most part the list changes every year, so can you really be sure you are helping your kid pick the right school ? Good luck.