What's the official "song of the summer" this year? Which rapper is owning the warmer months of 2014? Which singer put out the hottest R&B single?

As the season winds downs The Boombox wants you, the fans, to help us answer those questions and more. We want to know what you think this summer's anthems are; think of all of the barbecues and pool parties you went to, which songs were ubiquitous? Whether you're the road trip type or if you just like cruising through your city in your whip, which artist's music have you been bumping the most? Which video got the most views from you and your friends?

Cast your vote below for the artists, songs, and albums that make up the soundtrack to the summer of 2014. Voting ends on Sept. 7 at 9 AM ET but you can vote for your favorites once an hour until the polls close.