Take notice my friends one of the best college basketball teams to  ever play the game resides right in our backyard at Baylor University. This may come as a surprise  when i say it's not the men's program but the ladies program led by 6'8 senior center and all American Brittney Griner who led the Lady Bears to their 25th straight victory last night over Oklahoma 86-64 to maintain their number ranking,Griner may very well be the best woman to ever play college basketball before it's all said and done as she moves on to the WNBA in the spring. I don't watch a lot of  women's college basketball ,but whenever i get the chance it's must see TV for me when the ladies are playing. I'm always amazed at how the young ladies come together as a team and how Brittney makes the game look so easy although i know it is not and the pressure the ladies have to play through every night knowing every team they face wants to beat number one to make thier season.We may never see a team  stay on a run like the  Lady Bears have the last two seasons,winning the NCAA championship last year and looking to go back to back this season, so as i said earlier they are must see tv and they deserve our support, so why not  drive to Waco to catch a game at the Ferrell center and oh by the way on a side note  i think head coach Kim Mulkey may be the best coach in the nation having led Baylor to a perfect 40 and 0 record last season.