Baseball more than any other sport is all about the  numbers. As  a kid we all knew  Joe  Dimaggio consecutive game hitting streak was 56 games and that Hank Aaron was the all time home run champ with 755 round trippers.But now with the advent of the  performance enhancing drug scandal involving so many players what is one to believe. Just last week Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers was suspended for the remainder of the season for his use of illegal drug use and this week several more major league players could find out their fate as well. On a weekend when the Hall of Fame opens it's doors, stars associated with the steroid area who were once thought to be a lock to enter the hall , were left wondering if they will ever get in.Stars like Barry Bonds,Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens  were some of the biggest names to ever play the sport and they all hold many records, or do they?. It's almost impossible to tell when each person began useing the "Juice" to get  bigger and stronger,so how is one supposted to tell which homers or wins occured while the player was clean and how many marks were  helped by the steroids.Moving foward the commissioner of baseball  Bud  Selig has a big decsion to make do you leave the records these men set stand in the record books,do you remove them completely, or at the very least give them an asterisk  saying these marks happened during the steroid era and how can a sport where so many stars  have Hall of Fame numbers find themselves on the outside looking in.Having said all of this for the most part baseball attendance is up and the fans don't seem to be fazed by the daily stories of Illegal drug use, on the other hand is it fair to the majority of players who are clean and have  never ever touched steroids to gain a competitive edge. Yes baseball has a problem,what they don't seem to have is an answer.