When I first saw these photos appear on my Instagram, I initially thought it was a joke, but apparently this is not a joke and the barber is very serious! And I think I agree with him!

Russell Frederick of A-1 Kutz in Snellville, GA will cut your kids hair into what he's called "The Benjamin Button Special" for FREE if your kid is misbehaving or "if they want to act grown".

"Parents are at a loss, when you go to discipline kids these days," Frederick told the Washington Post. "They can’t necessarily use physical punishment they way parents did in the past, but they have to do something. If you don’t, and your kid ends up doing something crazy, everyone is going to say the problems started at home."

As for the kid in the photos you see, after 4 days of humiliation in school, the young man learned his lesson and got his mind right, and his hair too.