A little dose of love and affection with a twisted curl on top. It's National Chocolate Chip Day.

If you're feeling bad, nothing will get rid of the blues quicker than a dose of chocolate. And since it's good to chip away at a bad day. Do so with little chips of chocolate. In just the right dose no problem will seem that big. That dose of sugar/love that you get is truly the solution to any math problem. Don't quote me, but they never would've started using letters in math problems if it wasn't for the chocolate chip. I'm sure the conversation started like this...

"Put down that joint for a minute and lets run a hypothetical"


"O.K. check this idea out. What if we use letters of the alphabet to represent specific sets of numbers, values, vectors, or whatever, in the description of such relations. Like, you know."

"Dude! How did you come up with that?"

"I had the idea while I was baking my special Chocolate Chip Cookies."

Yep, I can't prove it, but I bet that's how it happened.