Last night I got a chance to catch a late dinner with a friend and while dinning my date was visibly upset.  I thought maybe she had a bad day at work or was dealing with some personal issue. However, when I pressed her she quietly began telling me about a conversation that was taking place at the table next to us.  She began a play by play of what was happening at the next table, and yes it was a, "I caught you cheating," kind of conversation.  The details were so Jerry Springer that I started listening myself, and I couldn't stop.

Some restaurants need to really re-think their seating and not always go for adding extra seats for extra dollars, and focus on privacy.  It is now a common occurrence to go to a restaurant and be distracted by others either behind you or beside you.  They just don't make restaurants like they used to.  You know, nice, quiet and classy......what happened.