I went to see the movie "As Above, So Below". Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!! This movie is about Scarlet Marlow the daughter of a Scientist who continued her dad's work. This girl was smart, brave and tenacious.

She and her camera crew go underground 200 miles deep into the catacombs of Paris to find a sacred artifact but yet find a confusing and darker adventure. Most of the movie is inside dark 200 miles deep tunnels with 1000s of lost souls and millions of bones along with the experience that effects what you fear the most. You really have to be focused to watch this movie. If you are tired or sleepy don't go to see this movie--I repeat don't go to see this film. I can't say it was scary but it was thrilling and suspenseful and had you wondering what was actually going on! I give it 3 out of 5 stars! I suggest you wait till it comes out on DVD.