Already you have several late night talk show options  David  Letterman, Conan O'brien,Jimmy Kimmel and soon Jimmy  Fallon who will be taking the place of Jay Leno. So are you ready for the return of the Arsenio Hall talk show  that debuts September  9th ?, it has been years since Arsenio fired up the "dog pound " during late night TV and can he do it again and more importantly can he be successful ?. One advantage he might have is as far as African-American viewers go he's sure to get the majority of eyes, but as far as the general audience the competition will be stiff .Hall's return to  late-night talk is being distributed by CBS  Television Distribution,which has cleared the show in about 95 percent of the country,including major markets like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.So can Arsenio regain the magic touch he once had, only time will tell, I'll be watching , will you?