The kids are back in school and we're celebrating their return by checking to see how smart YOU ARE for a chance to win PRIZES!

This is my son Kalani and he's starting his 7th grade year in middle school. He's a very smart kid and he's always surprising me with what he knows about the world. The question I have for you is: Are you smarter than a 7th Grader?

This week I'm giving you a chance to win Family 4-packs to The Cowboys Of Color Rodeo if you can prove that you are smarter than a 7th grader! Just listen for me to give you the cue to call and then I'll ask you a question and you have to answer it, then we'll check to see if my 7th grader got the same answer as you or something different! If you're right and he's wrong, YOU WIN! If you're WRONG and he's right, then you get NOTHING! If both of you are right, then I'll give you one more shot to win using a "spelling test" so you better study and study hard!

Good luck and start hitting those books for a chance to win!