As the fallout from the death of Prince continues, there are over 700 people claiming to be related to the late icon as his family begins to figure out who stands to receive a portion of his nearly $1 Billion estate according to Vibe Magazine.

According to Harvey Morse of Morse Genealogical Services, a court order was issued to retrieve a sample of Prince's DNA to determine the legitimacy of any claims has caused over 700 people to contact the company claiming to be related to Prince with a wide range of reasons as to how they are related to him including "We lived in the same area so we must be related".

The court order came after a man claiming to be the secret love child of Prince began legal proceedings to prove his paternity and could inherit a slice of Prince 's multi-million fortune if the allegation is found to be true and according to a source, has a strong case.

The fight for Prince's fortune is underway and we'll keep you posted on this story as it continues to develop!