What started out as a fun day at the amusement park turned to tragedy when a woman fell to her death from the Texas Giant, the tallest wooden roller coaster in the world, at Six Flags Arlington.

Many of us have fond memories of going to the amusement park, and the thrill of the ride, whether it be the Ferris wheel, the Round Up, or for the ultimate thrill - the roller coaster. We would get onto those rides without a second thought that we may end up a fatality.
Increasingly, there are more and more accidents and fatalities occurring on amusement park rides.  We don't know if the equipment is faulty, or the ride attendants are at fault for one reason or another.

So I ask the following questions:

How much of a thrill seeker are you?  In light of the recent accident, will you continue to ride the roller coaster allow your children to ride?  Will you think twice before getting on a "thrill seeking" ride at an amusement park? Take our poll below