When was the last time you went to the post office? I mean, how long has it really been since you stood in line for 20 or 30 minutes waiting to mail something. For me it was just yesterday, and believe it or not it still takes all day, but it wasn't as bad as before. Computers, and tablets and cell phones are changing everything.  You don't know just how much until you go into the Post Office.  The US Govt is closing Post Offices around the country at an unbelievable pace.  And they are charging more than ever just to mail one letter.  One of the smart tech guys that I work with explained that the old mail system is dying, but also the new email system is dying too.  He said more and more people are getting the message through and not by email, but by text messages.  What used to take you minutes to organize an email is now takes just seconds with text messages.  Text messages are even seen as proper communication in most work and business places. Text messages have now passed email as the most used form of communication. Text messaging is now sending old fashioned emails to the post office.   I was worried about the high price of mailing a letter, and now I'm worried about the higher price of sending a text..  Increased demand means increased prices.  52 cents per text and no delivery on Sundays. LOl.