There is a strong rumor floating around that at season's end all four  " American Idol " judges will be fired.As strange as it seems Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj could all be gone, mostly due to poor ratings, but also the bad chemistry between Mariah and Nikki is another reason the producers of the show may show all four  the door.Jennifer Lopez is already being courted to return as a judge, in fact it was rumored she was in line to replace Mariah at mid-season. A complete change of judges may not solve all the problems of  'Idol" through, the format of show the negative attitude of some of the judges has turned the viewing public off and newer shows like " The Voice"  and " America's Got Talent" have helped drive "idol'  viewers away as well. So if you like the current set of judges enjoy them while you can, cause they might not be around much longer.