For the second time in as many weeks, the NFL is mourning the loss of one  of it's players,one week after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher was involved in the murder-suicide of his girlfriend,Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman  Josh Brent has been charged with driving drunk and causing  a fatal accident that killed his friend, college teammate and fellow Dallas Cowboys player  Jerry Brown. Brent was released from jail after posting  a $500.000 bond Sunday and faces two to twenty years in prison if convicted on the  intoxication manslaughter charge. "Jerry Brown was my very best friend and i'm just trying to deal with his death right now" Brent told reporters after posting bond Sunday. This is another case of a tragedy that didn't have to happen, The NFL has programs  in place where any player can call a number for a safe ride home if they have been drinking too much ,instead  a 25 year old expectant father and a linebacker on the Cowboys practice squad Brown is now dead and his best friend faces time in prison, the loss of his football career and the guilt of causing the death of his best friend.