Following the loss of two singers in The Temptations, the Motown family has suffered another loss.Bobby Rodgers ,a founding member of the Miracles along with Smokey Robinson,died Sunday in Detroit after a long illness. He was 73. Rodgers was a tenor in the original group and a cousin of Claudette Robinson who was married to Smokey Robinson. One of Rodgers most  notable vocal contributions with the group was his two part harmony with Robinson on " You've Really Got  A  Hold On  Me" which was later covered by the Beatles. Rodgers voice is also heard in the background of Marvin Gaye's track "What's Going On" uttering the phrase  "it's just  a groovy party man, i can dig it'  Rodgers and the other members of  The  Miracles were inducted into the Rock  and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.