This current generation of NBA stars has taken unprecedented control over deciding which teams they play for.LeBron James,Carmelo Anthony,Dwight Howard and Chris Paul are just a few who haven taken the opportunity to move to the franchise of their choice.Truth be told, the game's stars having been trying to do the same for years. Earl "The Pearl " Monroe in his new book " Earl the Pearl:My Story" says  the Indiana Pacers expressed an interest in acquiring him from the Baltimore Bullets in 1971,Monroe was intrigued by the offer and visted Indianapolis to get a sense of the franchise and the city. After watching the Pacers play a game Earl went back to the locker room to meet some of the players,but then, after they had showered and dressed, all the black players reached in their lockers and pulled out guns. I was shocked to see this and asked "Why do you guys have guns? " "They got Ku Klux Klan,everywhere around here outside of Indianapolis and in the city,too we need to protect ourselves". That did it ,that's when i knew for certain that this wasn't the place for me said Monroe. The early "70s were a very different time,nowadays all NBA teams have a security detail and something like  that would never happen, but it just goes to show you how things have changed over the years,Monroe would go on to play for the New York Knicks and is in basketball's Hall of Fame.