The girls were up first for the semifinal round during last night's episode. Ten of the best female singers performed head-to-head to compete for their spot to become the next 'American Idol.'

This episode had its lows but definitely showcased many high points. The night started out rocky with two really boring and awful performances.

Zoanette Johnson was pitchy for her entire performance of Tina Turner's ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It.' Breanna Steer, who continues to believe she’s the reincarnation of Beyonce, did a cover of Bey's song 'Flaws and All' and unfortunately she had more flaws while singing. “We already have Beyonce, we want to know who you are,” Keith Urban mentioned.

Things didn’t pick up until Teena Torres did a cool rendition of Faith Hill’s ‘Lost,' which all the judges considered a “beautiful” performance. Angie Miller gave yet another powerful piano performance and wowed the judges. “Can I buy your album? I want to buy your album,” Nicki Minaj joked. But she might want to wait a few months until she can officially make that happen. Randy Jackson declared “a star is born” of Miller.

Amber Holcomb came correct and made sure she demonstrated her confidence and boy, did she. Performing Whitney Houston's ‘I Believe in You and Me,’ Holcomb impressed all of the judges. “How do you sing so effortlessly?” Nicki questioned while Mariah Carey waited patiently, considering Holcomb was her favorite. “I’ve been waiting all night for this moment," the 'Honey' singer confessed. When Mariah is waiting for you, you've won no matter what!

After a slew of many good performances, there's always the one weak link to mess up the groove. Adriana Latonio performed a sleeper version of Destiny's Child's ‘Stand Up for Love.' Randy called it “very safe and pageantry” while Nicki complimented Adriana’s gown.

Thankfully, Candice Glover changed everything by giving a memorable performance of her jazzy rendition of John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People.' Candice got a standing ovation from Randy and Mariah while she left Nicki speechless as she sucked a lollipop. "You have an old soul but you make it current,” Keith advised. Mariah then thanked her for “sharing your gift with us.”

They men are up next so stay tuned.

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