Alli Simpson, younger sister to Australian heartthrob Cody Simpson, has released her latest single ‘Guilty’ — and we don’t feel guilty admitting that so far it’s one of our favorite dance songs of the summer.

The dance track is a catchy synth-pop throwback to the ‘80s, claiming all of the right sounds of that decade to create a retro-contemporary mix. The 16-year-old singer’s upbeat single will have you dancing in your seat, across the floor, wherever there’s room — it’s a tune that should be pumping through club speakers everywhere.

‘Guilty’ follows Alli’s two previous singles from the past year, ‘Notice Me’ and ‘Why I’m Single.’ The blonde beauty excels at sugar-sweet vocals and bubblegum-pop synths. She’s found a sound that works for her, and based on YouTube views, she’s doing pretty well with her current direction!

Check out Alli Simpson’s latest single up above!