Old School, not just for "old" folks.  In fact, Old School Music is as much alive today with our youth, as it was back then, as evidenced by the number of new artists who sample their music, i.e., Fantasia - Lose to Win.  More often than not, if it's a popular song that gets sampled, it's usually an instant hit.  Why?  Because it was a certified hit then, and a sample is almost a guarantee that it will catch on.  

      The Time Tunnel on Old School Sunday is the time to hear all of your favorite Old School Classics.  Some groups sustain the test of time, and the group that does it for me are the Temptations!  This week, I will be featuring the music of the "Tempting" Temptations as we go deep inside the Time Tunnel on Old School Sunday.  Tune in for all of your favorite songs from the 60's and70's.  If you have a request, e-mail me before Sunday so that I can make sure it's in the flow.