It's Random Act of Kindness Day. Do something nice for your fellow man, woman or child. You don't HAVE to spend money, just do something nice. A 17 year old boy did something nice last week. He stopped a suicide jumper.


The kid's name is Brenann Bardowski. He lives up in Michigan, he was driving home last Wednesday night when he saw the woman on the bridge between Michigan and Wisconsin.

Brennan talked with the local FOX TV station.  He said he passed the woman but kept watching in his rear view mirror,  he saw her put her leg on the ledge like she was going to step over.



By the time he got back to her, she was over the ledge facing the water below. Brennan says she threatened to jump. He stayed calm and started talking to the 32 year old woman.

Eventually he talked her into climbing back over the railing. Brennan says he knew what to do because of a movie he saw in class. One of the scenes showed a homeless man talking a woman out of jumping off a bridge.

Brennan did what the man did, talked to her, and it worked.  As she climbed back over the rail he took her hands and helped her over.

By that time another motorist had stopped too and police were on the way.   The 32 year old woman was taken into protective custody.

Many call him a hero, but Brennan says that night he listened to his heart.

Brennan will receive a life-saving award from the police department.


You don't have to save anybody's life to participate in Random Act of Kindness Day,  just go out and do something nice.