The New York Daily News is reporting Alex Rodriguez has two options as he trys to deal with a possible suspension from Major League Baseball. Take a deal that would suspend him for the rest of 2013 and all of 2014 or face a lifetime ban. Now to the average fan on the street the smart move would be to accept the supension and come back in 2015, but whoa not so fast  Rodriguez is 38 and if he accepts the  year and half suspension he'll be 40 when he comes back and with his skills already beginning to disapear, can he really afford to take a year and a half off and expect to be half the player he is now.Alex  still could  come back in 2015 and collect 60 million his current team the Yankees owe him from 2015 to 2017, but if he rolls the dice and winds up with a lifetime ban he could lose everything. So stay tuned  and we could find out something rather quick , maybe as early as today or tomorrow and does A-Rod have that much confidence in his legal team to fight the rumors of his steroid use and the Biogenesis lab scandal.