One of the joys of becoming a parent is picking a name for your newborn,now I  admit sometimes  parents go over board on some names they choose,still and all it's their choice as  a parent. A judge in Tennessee has changed a 7 month old boys name to Martin from Messiah,saying the religious name was earned by one person and "and that one person is Jesus Christ." Judge  Lu Ann Ballew ordered the change last week, now it must be pointed out although it shoudn't matter  little Messiah or Martin is African-American and his mother Jaleesa Martin says she will appeal the ruling and the name she chose Messiah is unique and she liked the way it sounded alongside her other two siblings Micah and Mason. In this case I think the judge made a mistake with her ruling,I have heard of other parents naming their child Jesus,so what's wrong with Messiah and i agree with the mom it is unique and unique sounding as well and i'm sure this judge's ruling will be overturned as it should be.