Have you ever been out for a night on the town and stopped by one of you favorite restaurants.  Everything is going great; you've got good company with you and you're feeling in a care free kind of mood, and all that's left is to order your food.  The waitress comes over and interrupts a great burst of laughter from you and your date and then stands there scowling at the both of you.  Suddenly you realize she is not in the playing kind of mood. She doesn't greet you at all, but just goes right for the kill and say's "What do you want?"

It took me some time to pick up on the attitude, but women are much better at it than men, so my date was visibly upset.  She just shuts down and clams up, so now I'm out to dinner with two angry females.  I try to lighten the tension with a "how are you doing, how is the night going," but nothing from the waitress except, "Are you ready to order or not?"  This wasn't some cheap restaurant, this is a very high end place and very classy.  But after all of the attitude my date wanted to leave so we abruptly gathered our things and left.  The whole ride home she argued with me for bringing me to a place like that.  Is it really a mans fault if the waitstaff has a bad day?