Wednesday's " American Idol" was the third consecutive week that it's ratings hit an all time low among viewers 18-49 and much of the blame is being pointed in the direction of judges  Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey's on air  and Twitter feud .The two judges got into it again on a  night when "Idol" had it's worst ratings ever,Mariah began the beef on Twitter by saying Nikki has never had a "Billboard Hot 100 Number one song",Nikki shot back "what you should be doing wit your messy ass is asking why a woman so successful at her age,is still so INSECURE and bitter". Minaj also tweaked Carey about reports Jennifer Lopez may be returning to replace her.So is the public tired of all this fighting  or is this a last shot at generating some much needed buzz for the show as the ratings continue to drop like a bad stock, I'm not sure and i don't at this point think anyone knows, but one thing is certain the once dominant "American Idol" continues it's  ratings fall.