When you call 911, that usually means you have a situation that warrants an immediate response, right?  Well, how about I'm chillin' at home on Saturday night, and hear a rapid succession of gunfire!  Because our City has put out information to report anything suspicious, I call 911.  Seemed like the right thing to do.  How come it took the 911 operator 7, yes 7, rings to answer?  (yes, I counted) THEN, when he does answer, he's on the tail end of another conversation! And get this... I had to say "hello" first. I know they are supposed to remain calm, but, at least, show some concern, which was not conveyed. This joker even asked me if the shots sounded like a rifle or a pistol!  REALLY??? He kept cutting me off as I was trying to give him the details.  After a few more questions, he said he would report it.  Not that anybody was on the way, or will check it out, NOTHING of that nature.  I would hate to be the one in an emergent situation and have to call 911 if that is the response I'm going to get!