With Christmas right around the corner, the pressure is on. Fellas, I know it's hard to decide on that perfect gift for your woman. It's entirely to many options and not enough time right? Well, don't worry I have you covered. Here's a list to send you in the right direction. There should be at least one item on the list that your lady will love! Think back to all the times she randomly told you she wanted something....

1) Perfume:: Every woman loves to smell good. Perfume is the perfect gift to satisfy a woman. Just make sure you pick something that is her taste. Ex: Chanel Num 5 and Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb.

2) New Bag:: Guys women loveee to look in the closet and see beautiful handbags. What woman doesn't like to switch their style up. If you grab her a new bag I am sure she will thank you for forever.

3) Jewelry:: Come on, Diamonds are a girls best-friend. If you don't have enough money to afford the real Bling Bling- take a stop in Tiffany's or Pandora. The perfect place to get a cute necklace and or bracelet for $80.00 and Up.

4) Shoes:: If your woman is a Fashionista then collecting shoes is a Hobby. Why not add to her collection? Check out Lolashoetique.com, HunterBoots.com or UggAustralia.com -- Different sites for different styles.

5) Cash Money to Invest:: Who doesn't love someone who believes in their dreams? Show you care just as much as she does by investing money and or advice that will help. It will go a long way!

6) Vicky Secrets:: Keep your woman laced by giving her something that you both will enjoy. Victoria Secret is the perfect place to purchase a inexpensive gift.

7) Amazon Gift Card:: I know a lot of women that are interested in Books- this is the perfect gift to give if your lady spends a lot of time in the book store or using her Kindle app.

8) Spa Date:: Women tend to work hard- Sending your lady to the spa is the perfect gift. Give her some time to herself while letting her know you care. Every one loves a little me time while receiving a nice body rub.

Alright fellas I helped you guys as much as I could. Now it's your turn to conquer the holiday. Good Luck.

Ps: Your welcome!