Yayyyyyyy... now I can speed legally!  (SMH) The speed limit recently increased to 75 mph on several Texas highways. If it's "true" that you can go 10 miles over the speed limit and not get a ticket, that means I can really put the pedal to the medal!  Riiiiiggggghhhhht!   What I have noticed is that people are driving faster and more wrecklessly.  Changing lanes and cutting folks at a high rate of speed. There is so much confusion related to driving and speed, for example, I don't know if you remember the campaign several years back that "Speed Kills"; my question is, "Did "speed" kill more people back then than it does today"?  Also, we were told to slow down to conserve fuel...  Again, I have to ask, "Is it not as important to conserve fuel today, than it was during that campaign?" Oh, and what about the statement that says something like, "going just 5 mph faster will only save you about 2-3 minutes?"  Inquiring minds (like mine want to know)  I have to admit that it is nice to be able to drive my vehicle at a higher rate of speed that, by the way comes equipped with a speedometer that reads 120 mph (never quite understood that one), but by the same token, I would hope that people would be more responsible in their driving and not take unnecessary risks when driving at a high rate of speed.  Is an increased speed limit really a good idea or do you think otherwise?  Just sayin'